We create websites

strictly according to GDPR guidelines

Worry-free websites

Privacy-by-Design according to the new EU data protection guidelines: All relevant technical specifications are implemented when creating.
Get all necessary technical data protection measures on your website.

Privacy-by-design, the solution to many privacy issues

Honestly, have you ever struggled through a privacy policy? Hardly anyone does that. But a bad feeling always remains when you click one of these useless privacy banner.

Privacy-by-Design puts an end to it and gives your users the right to informational self-determination. Consistent implementation of the GDPR privacy policy and waiver of tracking and cookies gives you security and your users confidence:  

Privacy-by-Design: Data protection is technically pre-installed and 
Privacy-by-Default: Privacy is already predefined 

An example of a website that implements privacy-by-design?  
The website you are reading! www.joiom.eu  

If you have questions about technical aspects, we will be glad to answer them.

 New ePrivacy Regulation will come?

Keep calm, JOIOM websites already meet the requirements!

Web pages created by JOIOM

7 advantages

  1. Professional created and personalized with your content. JOIOM websites are delivered ready for use by professionals.
  2. We also deliver texts and pictures. We optimize your existing texts and images or compile complete contents from your specifications.
  3. Full control - you have all the files. We also set up your hosting package with an independent hoster of your choice.
  4. Perfect display for desktop, tablet and smartphone screens at the same time. Only scrolling required.
  5. GDPR compliant and also to an upcoming ePrivacy standard! Free from cookies, free from tracking and free from privacy-banner.
  6. No monthly maintenance costs. JOIOM websites do not require constant updates or backups. Without vulnerable databases or server logic.
  7. One-page websites are used worldwide. The concept has been tested, established thousands of times and it works.

You want full functionality with little effort and costs? Then high-selling one-pager websites are just the thing for you. What is a one-page website? You are currently watching one!

Convince your customers with an impressive website

Aquire new customers and contacts

Show in detail what you offer

Be found easier from now on by maps

JOIOM websites are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed. Your company will receive a professional website that can be used for a long time to come.

What our customers say

"I know web design agencies that charge three, four, or five times more, and they can't do what JOIOM did"

Luis Villaceran, DELKRUZO TRAVEL - Manila, Philippines

Privacy-by Design Website:
"JOIOM rockt! Tolle Arbeit und super Ergebnis"

Michael Ullmann, EMHA Zeitarbeit - Augsburg, Germany

"Just great all around. Easy to work with and results came quickly. We got more than we expected"

Mohamed Rahmoni, Dar Sunrise - Fes, Morocco

We create websites and also your page content on request

No texts? No pictures?


We write your texts

Not everyone was born a writer. We help you to make good sales texts for a clear content statement. Just give us your bullet points or existing texts. We make it an individual text that helps you to sell.


We translate your texts

The internet is international. Your website too? We have your text translated by professionals, creating a multilingual website.


We get you pictures

We search and provide you with footage. Of course, we also take over your pictures and offer them extensive image editing with web-friendly compression.


We design your logos

We update your existing logo or make a high-quality logo from scratch. We also provide a "favicon" or profile picture for Facebook and other social media platforms.


We offer exclusive design

For more sophisticated demands, we offer you an "Exclusive Line". Color scheme, typography and design of active elements make your page unique and recognizable.

With JOIOM websites you can do even more


We make pages "responsive"

Whether smartphone, tablet or laptop, your JOIOM website always looks good. We provide readable fonts and scaled images so you can read your website well on any device.


We help with SEO

Websites of JOIOM are optimized for search engines. Use Google My Business and a Facebook page for more coverage. We'll help you set up and explain how to do it.


We give you all the files

You are not bound to JOIOM. You can easily share your website with other developers at any time. We produce our websites in standardized formats 


We publish your page

We arrange a suitable hosting service and set up your website there until everything works. We make sure that your www domain is registered in your name.

Contents in a nutshell


Select and see immediately what it costs

Select your additional services:

All prices exclude VAT - sale only to companies or traders!  
For companies in Estonia: All prices are net plus 20% VAT. For companies from other EU countries and Switzerland: All prices are net plus VAT of the respective country. Please provide your VAT ID on your orders and you will be charged without VAT by "reverse charge". For all other countries no VAT will be charged.

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If available, send us texts, your logo, images or PDFs.


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